The 4 Best Air Mattresses for Different Needs

Air mattresses have become essentials in every household. They can be cheap alternatives to regular beds or portable sleeping furniture that can easily be stowed away when not in use.

When strolling in stores and looking for the best air mattress, you might be overwhelmed with the wide array of choices that you have. There are several types of air mattresses; each coming in different colors, patterns, and sizes. Each one is designed to cater to a different need. Hence, when choosing the best air mattress to purchase, you should consider your needs and choose according to which type can serve you best.

Confused on what the different types of air mattresses are? Check out this guide for the most common types of air mattresses and the purposes that they serve.

  1. Raised Air Mattress

Among all the types of air mattresses, a raised air mattress is the most similar to regular beds in design and in comfort. It is thicker than most air mattresses as it has several air chambers inside. It allows the users sleep higher above the floor compared to most air mattresses.

This one is great if you want the air mattress to be a more permanent piece of furniture indoors. You can use it as your everyday bed or a bed for your guests and deflate it when not in use. It may take some time to inflate and deflate, but the comfort it can give you while sleeping is unmatched by any other type of air mattress. You can even add a headboard and cover it with your most comfortable sheets to make it look like a real bed made of foam mattresses.

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  1. Air Mattresses with Frames and Rails

This one is basically a single-layer air mattress that is supported by frames to lift the mattress off the ground. In addition, there are also rails beside the mattress to keep you or your pillows from falling. The frames and rails are thick, sturdy and are usually made of metal.

Inflating and deflating are quick and easy, but folding the frames and railings back together can be quite a chore. Hence, this can be a great everyday air bed that you won’t need to deflate. It is best for kids and babies as the railings can help make sure that they don’t fall off the mattress while they are sleeping.

  1. Self-Inflating Air Mattress

For campers who like sleeping outdoors, the self-inflating air mattress is the way to go. It is an ultra-thin air mattress that can inflate on its own at the twist of a nozzle. It may only inflate up to 2 inches at its maximum, but that already provides great comfort for those sleeping in tents. Many say it looks more like a mat than a mattress, but once you sleep on it, you’ll realize that the level of comfort it gives is so much better than that of a mat.

There are two kinds you can choose from. One comes with an inflatable pillow and another without it. Inflating and deflating will only take at least 2 minutes and will not require you to manually pump in air.  In addition, carrying it around is not a problem. You can easily roll it up and stack it on your camping backpack.

  1. Low Raised Mattress

This is probably the most versatile among all the air mattresses. You can use it indoors or carry it outdoors. It is a single-layer mattress that can be inflated manually or through an electric pump. It is easy to set-up, easy to keep and easy to store. You’re going to have to sleep near the floor when using this one and thus, prepare to feel a bit cold as the chill from the floor might travel up the air mattress.

Choosing the best air mattress for your need is not a very difficult task, as long as you properly think about several considerations for purchasing – like who it is for, how often will you use it, and where you are going to use it. It is also recommended to purchase air mattresses from well-regarded brands as they make products which have been proven and tested over time.