Know the Best Golf Rangefinder Available in the Market In 2017

Golf has become one of the best sports in this generation. For many decades, golf enthusiasts have searched for ways to improve gameplay and enhance comfort as well. that being said, rangefinders have also been developed to meet the demands that the sport required. To have the best golf rangefinder, here are some of the things that you should know about.


Best Golf Rangefinder

golf gps rangefinder

To look for the best golf rangefinder, you must take into consideration some factors. For one, usability, accuracy, price and comfort. These are some of the elements that you should look for before buying the best rangefinder. Since golf is an extricate sports, having the right tools and gears are imperative for any golfer. The product should not only be sturdy, but it must have stunning capabilities as well.


When it comes to usability, the rangefinder must be user-friendly. When being held, it should have a comfortable grip as well as protection. The rubber casings must offer protection if there are instances of falls or bumps. Not only that, accuracy is a significant factor. The gear must provide tremendous accuracy with a range of 5-1,300 yards. Besides comfort, accuracy, and usability, the price must also be considered. To have the best rangefinder, the price is a dominant factor. It does not have to expensive, but it should be reasonable with stellar features.


Some Brands to Consider


Bushnell Pro X2


This product is considered as one of the leading brands today. It’s a top product that offers comfort, durability, usability and better aesthetics. Bushnell’s rangefinders feature a rubber armored metal housing. This feature is meant to protect your gear from being damaged. On top of that, the Pro X2 is waterproof and boasts of having ½ yard accuracy.


Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder


The laser rangefinders are easy to use and control. With just a few strokes, golfers will enjoy the stellar features of this product. It boasts of being accurate and has the ability to lock onto the target. Moreover, the battery life is longer and it has a zoom capability as well. The NX7 laser rangefinder might be new to the market, but it is promising gear that golfers will surely love.


TecTecTec VPRO500

It has 6x magnification and boasts of having a 400-yard range with an attainable value.  It is a light product that is compact and has a decent pin sensor. The price is also not high, but the features are dependable and reliable. It has a water resistant feature that will provide more assurance and comfort for most golfers.


It is undeniable that competition is extremely high in the market when it comes to buying the best golf rangefinder available in the market today. Consider the value, the features and the strong points of the gear before buying it. With that being said, accuracy, magnification, range, pinseeker, and being waterproof is among the essential factors that you should look for. Also consider the display technology, durability, and comfort before buying the rangefinder. You can find more detailed reviews and resources on golf rangefinders by visiting: